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20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed

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Author: Sherrie Eldridge

20thingTWENTY THINGS ADOPTIVE PARENTS NEED TO SUCCEED...Discover the secrets to understanding the unique needs to your adopted child - and becoming the best parent you can be (Random House Publishing Group, 2009)

In this all-new companion volume to Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, Sherrie Eldridge shifts her focus from the adoptee to parents, offering practical wisdom and advice on creating a loving, nurturing environment for your adopted child.

Speaking from her own experience as an adoptee, Sherrie Eldridge share proven strategies and the moving narrative of nearly 100 adoptive families, helping parents gain a better understand of their children?s needs as well as their own. By truly listening to your child, by learning to speak his heart language, you?ll learn to connect on an even deeper level, opening the channels of communication?and keeping them open forever. Sherrie Eldridge will help you discover how to:

  • Talk candidly with your child about her adoption and her birth family
  • Give you tools for sharing negative birth history with courage and compassion.
  • Help your child move his "broken life" narrative and develop a healthy identity
  • Cope with emotional triggers so that you don?t fall apart when your child has a melt down
  • Settle the "real parent" question by helping you see the uniqueness of your role.
  • Hear what your adopted child can?t or won?t say but is in his heart?"I love you. I declare you to be a successful adoptive parent."
  • Translate your child?s adoptee heart language and communicate on a deeper level.

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