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Parenting Well: Post-Pandemic Metal Wellness

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  • Last Update March 8, 2022


Parenting Well is a mental health and wellness educational and supportive space for foster, adoptive and kinship parents. Parenting Well focuses on the well-being of caregivers including their mental, emotional, and psychological health. It is not therapy but will provide psychoeducational information and strategies to help improve mental wellness.

As the country moves with hope and optimism towards reopening, some may have lingering fears, anxiety and unresolved grief resulting from the past two years. This session will provide insights on how the pandemic impacted our mental health and provide strategies to achieve mental wellness in the transition to post-pandemic life.

Facilitator:  Dianne Kelly, MS, LPC

Dianne Kelly is a licensed professional counselor in private practice. She has extensive professional experience in child welfare as well as personal lived experience as a  parent, stepparent, and relative caregiver.

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Parenting Well: Post-Pandemic Mental Wellness
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Much needed information

Good information

It will enhance my knowledge of the subject.

Using resources to help kids in foster care such as one on one counseling is good.

This was an amazing training.

Yes it was,breathing techniques really may be helpfull

Enjoyed course. Very well spoken and thought out. Enjoyed being able to participate.great reminder to take care of myself.

The Training was excellent, Great information

very good course

Excellent insights

I learned how to not let this bother me and breath and think positive

It was a good match for me, The presenter had a calming soothing voice and I was able to follow along

Very informative

Yes, it was good. Allowed self awareness. If you aren't good no one else will be.

was a good course, enjoyed it

I liked this course beause it talked about how to deal with certain things as a parent. Which in turn will help me be a better foster parent.

Great course by Dianne on mental wellness post pandemic




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