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Virtual Regional Training: Building Self-Esteem: Part I Children from Birth to 10

  • Duration 01h 30m
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  • Last Update March 7, 2022


This presentation will focus on how to assess the level of self-esteem in the children in your care while also providing effective interventions caregivers can implement to help build a child’s self-worth and self-confidence. The goal is to provide information that can help children blossom into positive, self-assured children.

*All Participants should RSVP separately even if you will be listening on the same device. 


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01h 30m


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Building Self-Esteem: Part I Children from Birth to 10
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I never knew that this could effect kids

useful information

Great training!

Good reminders on how to foster positive self-esteem.

Very good material and real life tips

Great class, highly recommend it!

The information she provided was very helpful

Great information

I learned some but while the presenter is knowledgeable her presentation skills could use some work. To me, her constant laughing and apologizing was distracting.

The training was great

I love your virtual education sessions!

My children haven’t ever been praised before care and now get it all the time between home and school with therapy as well they are 8 years old

Great information, I learned how to help build self-esteem in my child and myself.

The training was very informational.

This was so very interesting thank you


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