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Webinar: How To Support A Child With A Mental Illness

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How to support a child with a mental illness is a question that many have asked. This training will give parents a better understanding and tools on how to support a child that is dealing with mental health issues.  Did you know that dealing with mental illness is more common than many would like to accept or discuss?  Over 80% of children in foster care have significant mental health issues compared to approximately 18-22% of the general population.  First, it’s important to understand the difference between mental health and mental illness and how trauma can negatively impact both.  This training will teach parents how to take a trauma informed approach when parenting a child with mental illness.

  1. The parent will learn the difference between mental health and mental illness
  2. The parent will learn how trauma impact a child’s DNA, their decision making and how they create maladaptive coping skills to survive
  3. Parents will learn how to become a trauma responsive parent so that they can better support and encourage their child.

Presented by: Dr. Natasha LaMarr, Ed.D, LPC, NCC

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How to Support a Child with Mental Illness
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The course was informative and gave me further insight on how to handle mental illness.

Thank you

i wish the part on trauma parenting had been longer, but there was good info provided nonetheless.

I love the passion the Dr. had on this subject

It has teach me that I need to take more time to listen to my kids

I loved the speaker. Very good information

Very informative!

It was very informative I really enjoyed it

great course, very informative

Really enjoyed this season

Thank you, as always - a lot of GREAT information

it was helpful

This course was very informational and helped me a lot understand the different mental illnesses and some of the triggers you wouldn't have thought of

Very good information

This course gave very good information on mental health and children in care.

Very informative

Yes. Identified reasons for mental illness. Dispelled myths about mental illness.

good info

Great class. Instructor was very knowledgeable and Great teacher

Highly informative course and instructor

As a foster parent I learned somethings I didn't know.

Thank you this is helping me so much i wish i had this class couple years ago

It was great. Very informative.

Very informative. Loved the energy!!!


Yes and loved the teacher helped me so much in so many way. Thank u

Very informative

Yes this course was very helpful to me and i learned a lot.

The instructor was "real". I truly learned alot.

Helpful and Informative

Absolutely loved this! Would love more on specific mental illnesses.


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