Georgia Center For Resources & Support

Welcome to the Lending Library. Play the audio clip below to hear more about this wonderful service that the Georgia Center has for you.


Library Policies

  1. Check Out Period - 5 weeks
  2. A post card will be mailed to the consumer 5 days past the due date. Only 2 notices will be sent 2 weeks apart. The second will say "2nd Notice."
  3. Only residents of Georgia are able to check out books from the Lending Library.
  4. Certain books cannot be checked out:
    1. Work Books (i.e. life books)
    2. Out of Print Books (i.e. Abby)
    3. Reference books/limited brochure
    4. Only Resource Advisors can check out videos/DVD's over $25.00. Therefore, you will need to contact our office prior to requesting a video/DVD to determine if your request is under that amount.
  5. Families can request The Center to make copies of not over 10 pages of a workbook or reference book. The Center will then mail out these pages to the Adoptive or Foster Parent
  6. When books are mailed out, instructions are included for return of books at no charge.
  7. A maximum of 3 books can be checked out at any given time at the same household.
  8. A consumer who has kept out books after a second overdue notice more than 2 times will not be allowed to check out more books from The Center.
  9. Any exceptions to the above policies will need to be approved by The Center Program Managers.


The following rules MUST be followed in order for materials to be available to other adoptive and foster families:

  • Please do not write or make markings in any of the book(s).
  • Please do not rip/tear any pages out of the book(s).
  • Retain all packaging for the return of items borrowed. Be sure to affix the return label provided.
  • Item(s) are borrowed for a maximum of five (5) weeks. If you need an extension please call to make arrangements.


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