Georgia Center For Resources & Support

You can access referral resources in 2 ways through The Georgia Center for Resources and Support. Our web site can take you to our list of resources and you can search it by service and county. Go there now with a click of your mouse!

Each Regional Resource Advisor has dedicated hours to discussions with professionals and adoptive and foster parents in their region to glean information on resources available to families and their children. Our staff is available to help you find specialized resources in your community to meet your family's needs. If the service you need is not available, we will try to discover the closest provider for you in other parts of the state or to develop the needed resource in your region.

Our Advisors are available to go with you to meetings with specialists at schools or clinics to support you as you deal with the sometimes complicated system needed to help your child. Learn more about the Regional Resource Advisor in your area or call us at 1-866-A-PARENT for a referral.