The UMPS Care Charities All-Star College Scholarship

UMPS CARE Charities, the official philanthropy of Major League Baseball Umpires is offering an incredible scholarship opportunity for youth adopted late in life through our All-Star College Scholarship Program. This scholarship offers $10,000 per year for four years, and on top of funding each student is paired with a Major League umpire as part of their mentorship team to help them succeed in school and beyond! Below you will find more details. 

The UMPS CARE Charities All-Star College Scholarship is for youth adopted at or after the age of 13. This scholarship gives students $10,000 per year for a four year institution and $5,000 for a two year institution. To learn more about the eligibility visit our scholarship page. Here is the application which can be saved and returned to at a later date. The deadline for submission is May 13, 2022.

Visit GACRS “The Adoptive Family Journey” Facebook Group

We invite you to join our forever family Facebook group,  “The Adoptive Family Journey.” This group is sponsored by the Georgia Center for   Resources and Support (GACRS). It is a site for all adoptive families living in Georgia to connect, share, and learn from  other their journey as an adoptive family.

GACRS’ purpose for supporting The Adoptive Family Journey is to have adoptive families share and learn from one another. Adoption is rewarding but has its challenges as well. Feel free to share your heart, your struggles, and your successes.



Silence the Shame- Courtside Chat: March 9, 2022

Thank you for your interest in sharing Silence the Shame’s Teen Mental Wellness Courtside Chat with Chlöe Bailey and Trae Young. In an effort to increase visibility and registration for the chat, STS and the ATL Hawks have decided to postpone the official launch date to Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Again, this Courtside Chat is moderated by Founder Shanti Das, featuring recording artist and actress, Chlöe Bailey, and ATL Hawks All-Star Player, Trae Young. They share messages for teens about mental wellness, healthy coping strategies, and how to practice ways to maintain well-being. We ask that you continue to share this information with your networks and the youth that you serve and support. 


We will also be providing additional wellness materials and a discussion guide to further support these efforts. Additional information will be forthcoming regarding time and follow-up.