Community resources

Yes.  Anyone can attend a training, select an on-demand class  or review the resource listings. If you do not live in GA, check with your state to ensure they will accept the training’s. We do not send Lending Library books out of state. If you are looking for information regarding searching for your birth family reach out to the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry.

Georgia has many support groups throughout the state. You can find some of those listed on our website under the resources tab. Our Resource Advisors can also help you locate a support group. We also encourage adoptive parents living in Georgia to visit our Facebook support group, The Adoptive Family Journey.

Yes, we have many community resources listed on our website. In addition, our Resource Advisors can help you locate resources.

You can find your Resource Advisor by clicking on the “About Us” and selecting “Our Team” tab. All Resource Advisor will be listed with information about which regions/counties they serve.