Strengthening Georgia’s adoptive and guardian families

We appreciate you!!!  You are a valued partner in caring for children. 

We could not do this without you! 

The Georgia Center for Resources and Support (GACRS) was designed by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services to assist in strengthening Georgia’s adoptive and foster families. It is managed by Families First that for the last 131 years, has provided empowering solutions for Atlanta’s most vulnerable population by strengthening and sustaining families.

Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia Center for Resources and Support is “to establish a seamless, comprehensive support network of post-placement services that strengthen Georgia’s adoptive and foster families.”

All GACRS services are available at no cost.

  • Regional Resource Advisors, available throughout Georgia, assist adoptive and foster families by providing advice, support and training related to parenting children who are adopted or in foster care.
  • GACRS provides support with locating community resources and developing local support groups.
  • The GACRS Lending Library has books, videos, articles, and other items of interest for parents, children and teens related to the behavioral health, child development and others foster and adoptive concerns.

GACRS’s post-adoption/post-placement services and resources are constantly expanding and evolving to meet the needs of all adoptive and foster families. This is an ongoing process as we learn more about the needs of our families and children. Check in with us often to see “what’s new.” If your family needs something we don’t currently have please contact us. We will make every effort to develop this resource or service. We are here to assist you in your lifelong commitment to children.

We invite you to join our forever family Facebook group, "The Adoptive Family Journey." This group is sponsored by the Georgia Center for Resources and Support (GACRS). It is a site for all adoptive families living in Georgia to connect, share, and learn from others about their journey as an adoptive family. Within the group families are encouraged to discuss interests and concerns about parenting an adopted child or children.

Our History

In 1890, Families First started as an orphanage on the westside of Atlanta.
In 1937, Families First became the first licensed adoption agency in the state of Georgia.
In 2001, the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services created The Georgia Center for Resources and Support (GACRS)
On July 1, 2004, GACRS expanded its services to meet the needs of both adoptive and foster families who reside in the state of Georgia.
Most recently, GACRS released an online resource hub for adoptive & foster families in the state of Georgia, providing an online training courses, certificates, business listings, and a lending library.

FAQs about GACRS

Our services are free of charge.

No, we do not offer financial assistance. However, our Resource Advisors can help you locate financial assistance resources.

Yes.  Anyone can attend a training, select an on-demand class  or review the resource listings. If you do not live in GA, check with your state to ensure they will accept the training’s. We do not send Lending Library books out of state. If you are looking for information regarding searching for your birth family reach out to the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry.

You can access all of your training certificates by visiting “My account” on the website. From there you can view all of your completed courses. If you are missing a certificate from prior to Sept. 2021 please contact

Contact for access to past Live Training Events Certificates.

You can access the lending library by clicking on the library tab. From there you can type in any subject you are interested in learning about or enjoy browsing the rotating carousel of books.

You can access the on-line training by clicking the training tab located on our website. After that, you will either click on “On Demand Training’s” to access Pre-recorded training’s or “Training’s/ Events” to view our upcoming Webinars and Regional Training’s.

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