Essential Knowledge for Addressing the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in Georgia

Amerigroup Community Care, along with Justice U and Street Grace, invite you to attend a unique training opportunity to become certified as a CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) informed provider while earning CEUs.

Training participants will be guided through a three-part blended learning program, with online self-paced training on Justice U, and a live, synchronous component provided by Street Grace. This training program establishes basic awareness about human trafficking, providing specific understanding about CSEC as a form of human trafficking, its impact in Georgia, and how your specific profession or role can have a direct impact on preventing and effectively addressing CSEC.

These courses are intended for the following roles and professions:

  • Educators and School Counselors
  • Behaviors Health Providers
  • Healthcare/Medical professionals
  • Group Home Professionals
  • Foster Care and Adoptive Families and Associations
  • Juvenile Justice Professionals
  • CASA and Community Outreach Organizations
  • Case Managers

Interested in how you and your network can participate in this opportunity? Visit to sign up! *Enter code: “Amerigroup” to register for FREE.


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