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A Good Report vs. a Bad Report : A Judges perspective


What does an experienced judge have to say about what judges are looking for in a good report? Find out with this 1-hour webinar!
Imperative to the court process is the presentation of thorough, useful reports prepared by experts/Casa/DFCS. The quality of a report can affect not only the admissibility of the evidence, but also the standards and treatment of the subject.

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Good information.

I appreciate the insight of how a judge views a report.



Thank you!

I learned a lot about the importance of accurate information being presented in court.

we receive a lot of good information to use if we have to appear in court.

Really great information in this webinar! Glad I chose this one.

Great info.

Very Informative

Awesome information

I really liked this class.

very helpful

This shared alot information we didn't know

Good information

great info

Enjoyed this course !


thank you for the information. Would love to know how to go about sending out foster parent reports prior to court to all parties including the judge so everyone has time to review prior to court hearing

The only thing I wish was included in this is how we can send in a report prior to court so that all parties have plenty of time to look over it prior to the hearing. Otherwise, wonderful information!

Good info

Judge Willcott is always very informative and presents the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Great Info

Excellent information. Good, knowledgeable speaker.

Appreciated the expert advice. Very informative.


very informative


very helpful information

Very useful information

I did not realize we could submit our own report to the courts.

Very informative.

Good information

Thank you

thanks for this information

Great information

Good course

VERY informative

very interesting and helpful


Great information.

Good information.

Good information


Learned a lot from this webinar. Wished I had this information a long time ago.

It was great thank you



good course

Good information

Good info

Good information


Interesting information, learning experience.


very informative

Incredibly helpful information!

What a great class for educating foster parents on taking notes and how to create a good report!

This course was very informative. Thank you.



This information is great to know

Interesting information

Provided quality information.

Great informative

very informative

Very helpful information for the future. I tend to freeze when on the stands so being able to write things out before hand is helpful.

It was informative

Really good information for foster parents!

Very good information.

This was very informational concerning how I can share a report as a foster parent and exactly what is needed to make it a beneficial report to best serve the children in our home.

For a 1 hour course, this was a fantastic way to learn a lot about advocating for a child's best interests in court. This is a good way to make sure that you're heard but not out of line in how you say things. It's also helpful to hear an experienced judge express respect for the foster parent experience.


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