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Building Self Esteem: A 2 Part Series


This 2 Part Webinar will focus on understanding how to assess the levels of self-esteem in children ten years and younger and provide an understanding of effective interventions caregivers can implement to build their self-worth and self-confidence. How a child perceives him or herself is a key component to how well a child can manage in school, at home, and later in life. A defining factor for self-esteem building in children has less to do with whether the child is adopted or a non-adoptee, and A LOT to do with how caregivers interact with the child. Whether you are fostering/adopting the most well-behaved, well-adjusted child, or you’re handling numerous challenges with a child, this webinar can begin to help you to support the child in your care blossom into a positive, self-assured individual.

Topics for this course

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Lesson Part 100:00:00
Building Self Esteem-Part 1 Children 10 and Under
Lesson Part 200:00:00
Building Self-Esteem Part 2: Adolescence

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Great information

This was a good reminder of how important building self-esteem at each age is, and how we can help our kids to do this well.

Good info on helping kids develop positive self-esteem

awesome class

great course to help build up children

good reminders on the importance of encouraging our children

Relevant content and good presentation

Great course!

Very informative!


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