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Bullying 101: A 2 Part Series


Part 1 : Workshop Description: In this workshop Dr. Moore will explore the topic of bullying among teens, with particular consideration for youth involved in the adoption and foster care system. What is bullying and how can we intervene? What are the warning signs that someone may be bullied? What are the consequences (short term and longer term) that may impact youth? In this workshop Dr. Moore will engage you in a critical dialogue with a focus on intervention.

Part 2: In this workshop, Dr. LaMarr will dive into cyber bullying and the influence of social media on youth with an emphasis on suicide prevention.
What is cyber bullying?  How can we ensure that our youth are not being cyber bullied and how can we ensure they are not bullying others.

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Lesson: Part 100:59:55
Bullying 101- Part 1
Lesson: Part 200:59:18
Bullying 101- Part 2

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solid info

Great information!

Would have liked more info on how to handle the situation when the child is being bullied in school and nothing seems to be done about it. I know this was touched on briefly about recording times you've talked to the school and to basically go up the chain but It would have been helpful to get more information on exactly how to do that most effectively.

The course had some helpful insites to it. I would have liked to see more of what steps/rights I have when a child in my care is being bullied at school. A child in our home was beat up. We were aware of the bullying and had informed the school. The bully then labeled the child as a snitch and took it to the next level including videoing him being physically violent with my child. My child was wrote up for being pysically aggressive even though the video certainly showed otherwise as he did not defend himself against the attack other than to try to cover his head (which had a huge knot on it afterwards) and to try to push the child off him once but clearly in the video he never even touched the child because he moved at the moment the boy tried to push him. My child was sent home for the day, given 2 days of ISS and was not allowed any Friday time (AND HE WAS THE ONE ATTACKED). We have tried to resolve this issue with no success. As mentioned in the video it says parents encourage their children to fight back and thats wrong...we are not encouraging our child but at this point, since the school is going to punish him either way and nothing is being done to stop the bullying, yes we told our child he should defend himself next time.He is trained in martial arts and has the skills to do so but we told him NOT to fight this child initially and we see where that got him. We watched this training in hopes to get more insite on what we could do to show our child we are in their corner and we are here to help keep them safe and hoped learn more ways we could go about this through the school system but we did not get that from this video.

Very Informative


Pretty Good Course

Good information of what to watchfor with bullying

It was very informational

Great course!

Very informative


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