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How to build Resiliency in Your Child: Being Trauma Informed

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It is safe to say that “all” children that enter into foster care have experienced some form of trauma; be it mild, moderate or severe.  In the United States, there are over two thirds of children that experience some form of trauma such as death of a love one, separation from caregiver, violence, abuse, and neglect. Trauma is one of the many barriers to a child’s ability to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically.  That is why it is critical for parents and family members to understand the importance of building resiliency in their child so that that child can grow up to be a mentally stable, well-adjusted young adult.  This 1 hours webinar will give foster parents the skills that they will need to build resiliency in their child.

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2 years ago
Great course
2 years ago
Dr LaMarr's presentation was very informative. Looking back at my childhood upbringing and my experiences in life I realize how I am always so traumatized when I am driving and I hear the sound of a fire truck (parents house was burnt down from a fire when I had just turned 17 years old). My second experiences of trauma was losing the ones I really love in my family due to death. I know how I feel when those dates come around each year. I really appreciate the information that Dr LaMarr shared and I realize that I do need help working on myself and also being there for the children in my care.
Great refresher for those who work with foster parents to offer this information as reinforcement to foster parents.
3 years ago
Very informative

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