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Navigating Social Media


The internet and the world have changed so much over the past two decades, making it hard to keep up. Social media can be especially challenging to navigate and it may seem like millennials and Gen Z have a monopoly on this channel, but don’t let generational designations intimidate you!

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Navigating Social Media


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great stuff

this tells the total truth

Great resources

I learned of social media sites I didn’t know

Sound spotty


Very informative

training was okay

Did not give any guidance with knowing what social media overuse looks like and what to do about it. This was extremely basic information. Nothing new that the typical adult would know. The audio of the meeting was horrible at times and you could tell it was all done over zoom. Needs to have more behavior based and response to the crisis and behaviors from social media.

It was glitchy and didn't provide new information to me.

good insight

Ok, information..


Good class

Great info

Very good

Useful information to help deal with social media

Considering I have little ones and a preteen that love to watch their tablets and use cell phone, this was quite informative.

Great class


very informative material

very good info

Good information


Very informative

Technical Issues


Great information

good info



Useful info that I did not know about

Great overall information that can be shared with parents as we navigate this virtual space.

very informational

the class was very imfromative


Great information!

Very informative

Very important topic for everyone


very informational, because i am not the tech parent.

Great info

Very informative

Helpful Information

very useful information

Very Interesting!

Well done!

Helpful information!

good info

Good Information

Good information




Good course.

Very informative and timely.

It was fine

helps be mindful

Great information.

new information

new information

very eye opening

Good to know info

Very informative.

I loved this information

Very helpful and we will be more mindful of our childrens internet use.

Good Information

Great information

Informative course

Thank you so much! The app to help monitor SM is great!



Great information

My 2 foster kids are only 5 and 6 and they are very aware of the different SM apps, so this was very helpful info

The stats on how things have risen is interesting


good information

Thank you

great info


Great information. I recommend this course.

Great lesson

Great Information



Needs to have more updated stats

Great information!

Good training

Good info

Good info

Great! Very helpful!



Thank you for the information.

This course contained a lot of information and statistics that the average person would not know nor care to remember.

Good course



I learned about some platforms I haven't seen before.

Interesting Facts.

Great course


Great course



So great!

Awesome Lesson

This was very interesting. I do not use social media a lot.

course is helpful in understanding current internet challenges in youth

It was good

Good information, but the recording was broken up due to audio issues with the presenter. Would recommend replacing this recording with one from a future session. :)

Some the data was good, But I was expecting more tips about how to spot hidden info on cell phones and things like that which are tricks that the kids use

good course


The speaker was clear and great!

The speaker was great! A lot of informative information.

Good info

Yes I leaned about types of media apps

Helpful. I have a lot to learn.

Not a lot of new information,

great course for learning about how social media affects our 18 year old teen foster

Yes, this course was helpful due to having a teen who spends a lot of time on social media.


very good

Good stuff here and a variety of social networks described!

I enjoyed it. thank you.

Social media is tough to navigate. I always think i am very thankful that it did not exist when i was a teenager but now its part of their everyday life.

great match

Good info.

Great information

Very helpful!


The presentation was a little hard to follow.

Social Media has gotten one of our foster daughters in a lot of trouble. It something you must watch closely.


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