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Nuts and Bolts of IEP’s

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This workshop teaches parents how to ensure that their child has a well-constructed IEP, by deconstructing an IEP and talking about each of its individual parts.

A well-constructed IEP is one that is clearly and unambiguously written, giving school personnel a clear picture of the child, the skills that need to be focused on, and the support and services the child needs to be successful. It also gives parents the opportunity to have maximum transparency into their child’s education and puts parents in a position to challenge the IEP team if their child fails to make meaningful academic progress.

Ultimately, what many parents want to discuss is their child’s placement. But placement is determined by goals and objectives, and goals and objectives are determined by the child’s needs. So it’s important for the rest of the IEP to be clear and comprehensive, in order to get the placement that you feel is appropriate for your child.

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Nuts and Bolts of IEP’s

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