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Regaining the Balance: Helping Foster Parents Deal with Grief and Loss

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Foster parents invest into the children that come into their home emotionally and physically, this intense investment is supposed to be temporary. When the placement ends, foster parents are expected to disengage in a way that is helpful to the child and everyone else involved. The parents’ feelings of loss are often not given adequate attention by all who are involved.  Please join us for this interactive webinar that will help caregivers identify strategies to regain emotional balance after loss relationships.

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2 years ago
Each child or children are unique. When we receive children in our homes we do not know what to expect. Sometimes there are many challenges that come with these children and behaviors that might be difficult to control. Whatever the situation as time passes by and we get familiar with children coming into our homes there is so much we can teach them and also learn from their behaviors and what can be done to help them. Children leaving your home for either another or returning back to their parents are a loss but the most important gratification is providing them with knowledge and information that can follow them in life.
2 years ago
It was great!
2 years ago
Reinforces loss felt by all. We all need to feel our feels when loss occurs. We all need to know that everyone throughout fostering (the child, the family, us as foster parents, DFCS, agencies, etc) incur loss and should accept grief naturally and allow it to take its course. Allow the safety net for one another to process and support one another. You are not alone!
Easy to complete and understand.
great information
Great Course
Excellent presentation
2 years ago
Great stuff
2 years ago
Very Helpful
Very informative
Wanda Love
2 years ago
decent overview of the grief involved in fostering
Great info!

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