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Ten Things Every Foster Parent should know about Dealing with a Defiant Child


Most adults and children whether they are in foster care or not will have experienced some form of trauma before the age of 16.  Ninety percent of children that enter into foster care have been exposed to at least one traumatic experience.  Understanding how to help a child that is acting out is the first step to not re-traumatizing a child.  With that being said, being a foster parent is like a double-edge sword because on one end it is extremely rewarding and on the other end it is a very exhausting journey.  Foster parents have the ability to help or hinder a child’s progress and that is not to say that a foster parent would ever intentionally cause harm to a child but it has been proven that we often times parent our children the way that our parents parented us.  This workshop will give foster parents 10 tips on how to deal with a child that is displaying defiant behaviors and not take it personal.  This training will equip foster parents with the skills that they will need to be a great foster parent and help their child grow to be a mature and well-adjusted adult by learning behavior modification.  Research suggests that attention to negative behaviors increase negative behavior while attention to positive behavior increase positive behaviors.

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