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The Art of Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution is a taught skill where two or more people are able to reach a peaceful resolution to a dispute.  With that being said, conflicts are inevitable but how a person resolves conflict is optional.  Conflict resolution is a learned skill and must be practiced in order to master it.  This webinar will teach parents how to resolve conflict and instill positive emotional intelligence in their child.  Parents will be able to teach their child how to listen to others, communicate, be a critical thinker and find their own solutions to conflicts.  Learning the art of conflict resolution will be the key that unlocks a child’s ability too effectively process and express their feelings and confidently state their needs which is a skill that they can use throughout their entire life.

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good examples

Very informative

This will aid me in helping my children create solutions for their conflicts.

I learned a lot about conflict resolution.

I learned to it's important of us men not to over react

Great content

Patience and understanding during conflict is hard but needed.

learned some new things that will help me and my family

Good ideas!

Good presenter with good ideas in helping yourself and children


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