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The Effects of Adoption on Marriage


Marriage is the cornerstone of our society; it is a union and a legally binding commitment that has requirements, rules and regulations.  There are several things that can compromise a marriage such as lack of communication, financial instability and incompatibility.  Adopting a child can be a life changing experience that can bring a close couple closer or divide them.  However, understanding the effects of adoption on a marriage can increase the likelihood of a family continuing to grow closer.  It can also create a healthy and strong bond between the couple and child.  The participants of this webinar will learn the effects of adoption on a marriage and eight positive skills that will help families create a bond and an easier transition.

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Good stuff

It was helpful to me and there were good points to think about and apply to my own marriage.

Very informative training

Marriage should be a priority whether fostering or adopting.


Informative and helpful

it was very helpful.

Very helpful

There were many spotty connections when the speaker was talking.

Awesome presentation and great info, although focuses on heterosexual couples only.

should help in counseling adoptive families, a small percentage of which have experienced the dissolution of their marriage recently

Course was good but the questions for the quiz was a little confusing for some questions

Sound quality (speaker's audio cutting in and out) was very distracting. Quiz had multiple correct answers and as some have noted, it was a pain. The information itself is varied and it is subjective. For one thing it is coming from a very particular model which only looks at a heterosexual marriage and takes on some very long held traditional views on the differences and divisions between the sexes. While I do believe men and women process things differently, I'd like to see the hard science behind that more rather than just the statements and examples. I think this class might be improved by looking at that science of why men and women think differently (if its aimed at a heterosexual marriage audience) or conducting a class that simply leaves out the male and female dynamics and instead concentrates on strategies that can strengthen the marriage bond while parenting. The actual effects of adoption or parenting itself on a marriage were never discussed in this class and how that new family dynamic might create change. Since that was the title of the class, I was really hoping as a prospective adoptive parent to learn more about that aspect. I gave the course two stars because of the points I've made, but I want to add that the speaker did provide some good suggestions on how men and women think and process things differently and some helpful communication recommendations (I just think that this area could be improved with explaining the science and focusing the discussion there so it doesn't devolve into opinion and subjectivity rather than the real science behind what is going on!)

Very informative

Helpful Information

Some of the answer choices on the quiz are too similar

Good Information!!

Thank you!

Very informational

I learned that your marriage is a big deal in adoption!


Good information but poor audio

This course was helpful.

Helpful course

The sound quality is horrible! And the quiz has multiple correct answers,which makes this terrible!! R

Good information.

Helped my wife and I.

Very good information

Good information.



Super helpful for a marriage

Informative Webinar!

like that it helps you see how the other sex processes things.

I like how it addressed both sides.

While mildly interesting, this has nothing to do with the effects of adoption on marriage. This is just about strengthening marriage in general. Combined with bad audio in the beginning and quiz questions with multiple corrects answers, this has got to get 2 stars. However if you really want to learn about men's waffle-brain sex box and the working women's frustrations then this is for you


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