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Understanding a Child’s Journey through Grief and Loss from Birth to Late Adolescence: A two part series


This two part workshop will teach foster parents grief and the developmental stages so they help the healing journey of their children. This webinar will surely provide a clearer understanding of cognitive, emotional and physical considerations from birth to late adolescence in grief. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ABLE TO LEARN TH EEFFECT OF LOSING A LOVED ONE AND FEELING DISPLACED , PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY GRIEF AND THE STAGES OF GRIEF

Topics for this course

2 Lessons2h


Lesson: Part 100:57:01
Quiz: Part 1
Lesson: Part 200:59:58
Quiz: Part 2

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Student Feedback


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it was a good training, but not the most exciting

humpty dumpty was great

Great course

This was very helpful.

Informative course!

I had some concerns with the presenter not knowing what TPR meant and some other points she made that didn’t quite make sense for foster adoptive children.

Great information

will help in counseling prospective adoptive parents, particularly those adopting a toddler-age child


Great info

Very useful information given.

Great information

Awesome training


enjoyed the course.

I learned some new things about how to deal with grief for children.

A lot of great information

Very informative

I enjoyed learning about grief and its effects on various developmental stages

There was good information about the stages of grief and how they effect children at different ages of life.

great information



Was a good match for me.

very good


Good info

Learning where a kid should be in their development and how they may react or how to treat each individual child when they go threw a loss helps me as a caregiver.

Lot of great information that helps me identify what stages and how to help or when to step back when the child is grieving.

Great information.

It was alot of information.

It was very descriptive.

informative but could have been shortend

This was a great insight as my kids lost their mom last year. This will be extremely helpful. Thank you!

Excellent information


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