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Understanding and Accepting Autism


Children in foster care experience a range of adversities, and often require fostering due to abuse which could potentially cause children to appear isolated, respond aggressively to change and find basic communication difficulties.  This webinar will help foster and adoptive parents to be able to identify whether their child’s behavior is a result of a traumatic experience or if the child’s behavior may register on the autism spectrum.  There are hundreds of children that are diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and parents are often times left struggling with what to do to provide support to their child and now with the new changes in the DSM 5, it has left some parents even confused about how to identify certain red flags.  This webinar will provide foster and adoptive parents with some basic criteria of ASD and treatment that has been deemed most appropriate.

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Very informative webinar.

We understand autism better since taking this course.

Great Course

Great information, but my husband and I couldn't answer one of the question on the test.

fill in blank question allowed no ans. caused incorrect score


Very informative.


Helpful for my toddlers

i really learn from this class Thank You

Great information and informative.




Very informative and the instructor was highly engaging!

Much needed info

Great info

There was a question on the quiz that was fill in the blank, but it would not let me fill anything in.

great course

I Learned a lot of information that will be very helpful for me and my family. I have a 10 years old boy that we are seeking for him to be evaluate for Spectrum Disorder. Thank you so much for the information provided.


very good presentation style

Good info

Good information

great info.

good course.


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