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Understanding the Importance of Self-Soothing and Self Regulation in Children who have experienced Trauma


Trauma is the unique individual experience of an event or of enduring conditions in which the individual’s ability to integrate his or her emotional experience is overwhelmed. Trauma impact individuals differently learning how to self-sooth and self-regulate are two critical techniques that a child need to help them manage their emotions and behaviors when they are feeling overwhelmed both physically and emotionally. This training will give parents an understanding of how trauma impacts their child’s brain and behavior. Most importantly parent will learn self-regulation and self-soothing techniques to help keep their child safe.

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Great overview of what emotional dysregulation is and how to recognize and acknowledge it

very helpful

good class

You see how adults bring so many unresolved things from their childhood.

Very good information!

Great info!

good lesson

Great information

Loved this course and learned so much! Thank you.

Excellent presentation and content

Great insight

Really great insight

Awesome information. Would love to hear more

Good class

This course provided helpful info and tips. Thank you!!

Helpful information

Good Information

Great Information!!

Easy to follow.

This course will help with current child.

Self Soothing is a good course

Great information to help our foster children with trauma

Very informational

Interesting to listen to

Great information!

The course was very applicable. Great information!

Thank you so much




Great information

This is a great course. I look forward to using the breathing techniques and the positive self talk.

Useful information

Informative information on the effects of trauma to self-regulation

Helpful to learn signs of emotional dysregulation.

Great info!



It is good to know that babies can self sooth themselves with time.

I have seen these type of things help the child and the child began to do them when they see the parent doing them.

great info


She is truly an amazing trainer.


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