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Video Game Addiction in Youth


This training will discuss the causes of video game addiction, how to know if your child is addicted and steps to take.

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Dr Laklieshia Izzard is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and New Jersey, Georgia Certified School Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, an Approved Clinical Supervisor, and a Tri-Care Mental Health Counselor. Dr Izzard is the owner of Shekinah Counseling a virtual private practice with 17 years of community mental health counseling experience with diverse populations. Dr. Izzard practice services include counseling, clinical supervision, mentoring, and training. Dr. Izzard has experience in all levels of education and is an Adjunct Professor of Counseling. Dr. Izzard serves on the Region 3 Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council as the only Newton County member. Dr Izzard serves on the board of directors for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Georgia, and is a founding member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Dr. Izzard is a founding member and has served as President from 2019-2020 for the American Counseling Association of Georgia. Dr Izzard obtained her doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy University Sarasota, Dr. Izzard has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the largest HBCU in the nation North Carolina A&T State University and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a another great HBCU Fayetteville State University.
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Good information

Very informative

I learned a lot to watch out for systems with my children playing video games


good info

Great information!!

good information

Great info


Gaming is definitely a major issue these days and this course validates the problem.


very interesting to know this

Great course.

Very informative

wonderful training

This basically described a basic understanding of compulsive behavior and just made it about video games. There was no information on how or why video games are harmful only that a child might have an addiction. It could have been on anything. There was no plan on helping or discussing how video games could also be a positive if parents used and participated. No specific information on how to help or a plan, just saying video games are bad.

interesting perspective.

This is why I dont play video games!!!


Great info

It was great thank you

Helpful insight. This goes for younger children on tablets and such

Great Course

great course

great information



Great information, explained nicely.

We are dealing with this with our teen placement (our first one) - he meets many of the criteria for a video game addiction. This training is helpful in letting us know about options for treatments and therapy that may help.

Very introductory. If you don't know what video games are, this is for you. No practical strategies to help children with this or prevent them.

very informative


Great course

Great information

Yes. It shows what state a lot of children are in these days and how we can prevent substantial damage to them if we get them help early on.

Interesting class with valuable information, now I know the risks involved in becoming addictive and this type of addiction can affect a person mentally, physically and emotionally.

This training helped bring awareness to the symptoms of video game addiction.

It was an important topic since so many kids love video games.

This class was terrible. The speaker appears to have almost no understanding of video games or her experience must be very dated. There is no initial differentiation between healthy levels of interaction and addictive behavior. The class could literally be about any compulsive behavior. Just reminds me of a bunch of old grandmas sitting in a church bible study talking about how the young kids these days .... Nothing of value here.


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