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A Roof Over My Head

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A glimpse of how foster families are opening their homes to youth. With so much uncertainty in a foster child’s life, it is up to the foster parent to create an environment that allows the youth to feel safe, comfortable and accepted. This webinar will explore how there’s no set way to create a welcoming environment and how you can make subtle changes that make a big difference.

Presented by: Janae Roberts, MPH, CHES

*All Participants should RSVP separately with their own accounts even if you will be listening on the same device. 

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The information was very compelling.


Helpful course

Awesome class

Great class


it was a very good course

Somethings you do not think about in the moment. This helped with notes to remember.

Includes somethings that you would not think about.

Really interesting look at foster parent thought processes and how we're all experiencing foster parenting so differently, yet we still have insights to share.

The village!

Great training,learned some great information



some slight glitching with the videos within the videos but it was good!

It gave a good overall perspective the participants had some good advice and the course was helpful.

It's important to ask worker many questions about the child that way you are prepared when the child/children arrive to your home.

helpful real life situations

Good course

a view technical glitches

a view technical glitches

Thank you.

I liked the real life videos

I liked some of the suggestions made to help a new foster child more comfortable.


Loved the ideas on how to help kids get settled in and feel comfortable

Good ideas on preparing for the comfort of children entering your home.

Practical information.

The course provide excellent materials and resources.

one of the most practical courses I have taken

I think this course was very helpful and enlightening. The videos are great!

This course was very insightful!

it was helpfull

This course reminded me of when my kids first came to us. They all have their own rooms and treasures to cherish forever.

Great Information

More information that we have the better

The more information foster parents have the more preparation they have an opportunity to complete.


Extremely interactive!

Great training, really enjoyed it!

It was a great class, really had me thinking...

My foster child is still with me.

Lot of helpful tips

Good info

Good course

Nice topic of discussion. Thanks

IT helped alot

good info

Covid did effect a lot of families.



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