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Webinar: Foster Parent Grief

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Grief is a natural response to loss. As foster parents, you may experience grief when a child leaves your home. You may expect this loss, but may not be prepared for the feelings of grief. You may have anticipated a foster child staying with you and even becoming a permanent part of your family, but the child is not able to stay. Your own history with loss, your relationship to the child(ren), and the nature of the separation will all affect your grief process. Many foster parents must balance their own feelings of grief while preparing and supporting the children for separation. People on the outside may see this loss as “part of the job” and not be supportive. Join us to discuss these unique feelings of loss and learn coping strategies as well as rituals to help in your healing process.

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Presented by Lane Pease Hendricks, MS, NCC

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Webinar: Foster Parent Grief
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This was very helpful I only last two kids but it was very hard on use

Great training and information

Great course with lots of good information.

Very knowledgeable presentation.

Excellent information

Compassionate and detailed information.

Excellent Teaching and very Detailed

excellent , 5 star rating

When children leave our home it is always hard to see them go. Time is definetly a healer but we never forget them.


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