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Managing the Holidays: Grief, Stress and Creating Joy for the Kids in Your Care

Categories: Self-Care
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About Course

This webinar for Mothers will discuss ways to help your kids cope with the grief and stress of the holidays. Helping them to learn how to allow themselves (and you) to be happy and sad at the same time, and how to build new traditions while focusing on old ones/ones from their family of origin. We will also discuss ways to reduce stress for you and your child during this challenging time.

Presented by:

Laura Cochling M.Ed., LPC

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 months ago
Good reminders about things to take in consideration during the holidays
2 months ago
Very helpful and insightful! One of the more high quality trainings I've watched.
Excellent course
4 months ago
It was a very good experience for me
7 months ago
Getting this information will help me going forward.
Yes, I need to manage my stress levels, and this course helped me realize some alternatives for myself and my foster child
7 months ago
Personally, our Foster Child is only two years old; however, he does have anxiety in crowds, and, uncertain when dropped off at day care. This course helped me look for ways to create safe and happy space for our child. And, be on the look out in the world, and with other possible foster children in our future.
8 months ago
This was a very good class/webinar. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s perspectives and ways we can make the holidays better for the children in our care.
8 months ago
I really have not a placement other then having kids for a couple of days but I learned things that I can I apply to my future kids.
It was a great and helpful experience.
8 months ago
Very educational course in regards to fostering and the holidays
8 months ago
I really liked the course, it gave in site to others who have had the same issues that I had come across
8 months ago
The course was good not a big fan of the first video clip with all the foul language.
8 months ago
Good engagement
Anthony Saputo
8 months ago
Great information

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