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Power of Positivity

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Positivity is a CHOICE! Being positive can save a person’s life while being negative and pessimistic can jeopardize a person’s life.  Positive thinking and choosing to be positive opens up the brain and create a space for safety and creativity.  There are several studies that show personality traits such as optimism and pessimism can affect many areas of our brain, health and wellbeing.  Positive thinking reduces stress and decreases/eliminate negative self-talk.  However, negative stress can create digestive and cardiovascular disease. This training will teach parents how to choose positivity because children learn from what they see not from what a parent say!

  1. The parent will learn the power of positivity
  2. The parent will learn how to be resilient in the face of adversity
  3. Parents will learn how to increase their positivity.


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Excellent frame of reference

Good reminders how to stay positive! Thanks!

Your attitude definitely shapes so many things.

good course

Good class



Go Team

good course



Good class

I actually really needed this today. Thank you for the positive class

Great information.

Great information

Fun and reassuring class!! Stress will come it all in how you react to it!

Great course



how positive thinking can help your health

It was very refreshing and helps remind me that we can do this as foster parents!

Good info but a little too basic.


It reinforced a lot of things for me.

Good reminders.

I really loved this webinar.

She’s funny! Lol. Great informative course.

Helpful for self care

Great techniques on being positive

Good reinforcement of the power of positivity

Good and helpful information.

Being positive impacts the children we take care of.

This was a good reminder to be positive as it impacts those around us.


Smart training.


good info

Easy to navigate and informative.

This course was very helpful and informative!

This training course is important because it is hard to be positive. It is a process, and this course explains that and helps parents to be more positive.

Awesome training...

great info

Awesome information

This was an excellent course. I learned a lot.

Awesome Training! I love the details of how one increases their positivity.

This was amazing

great lesson


Loved the teacher, great training.

It was a great training

Good info


great lesson

Great information

good course

yes i really enjoyed this seminar


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