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Developmental Trauma Disorder: Reactive Attachment Disorder: An Experiential Journey


Learn more about the challenges that come when a child has not been able to securely bond with a caregiver.  Join us to hear Ms. Houze speak from her own experience and provide some education on supports for these families struggling to connect and build a healthy bond.

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Heather Houze, Advocate COO

RAD Advocates

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Very informative enjoyed the speaker.

Very informative!

This was the BEST course I've taken on this challenging diagnoses' to date! It truly peeled back the layers and provided realist expectation of this condition! I was empowered and inspired going forward with providing support to my family member. Thank you!

good info. Especially about RAD and the tendency to misdiagnose it

Great lesson

great explanation of RAD

I was not aware of RAD prior to this training.

Great informant. Something I never really about.

They are worth fighting for!



good information

very interesting

Very insightful!

very interesting

Opened my eyes to so much even the effects on me because of this!

I enjoyed this course and recommend it.

Very Helpful

Was very interesting much accurate information

LOVED THE UNDERSTANDING of why the things gets complicated insurance wise for children receiving proper care.

This was very informative!

slideshow could be more appealing to look at white background are horrible

Bringing great awareness to RAD

Very informative

good information that is relevant to working with children

Great information


This was very informative.

Great info about RAD


video was good - quiz was not about this training.

Webinar was informative and accurate, but the quiz was unrelated.

I enjoyed the video, learned a lot. Just not sure about the Quiz, some of the questions were not covered on the content.

This is very useful information!

This is useful information!

Good training


it was informative

very interesting

very interesting

very good course

Really not sure that the quiz questions were the correct ones for the video; I did fine on the quiz but all of the questions didn't seem to be related to Reactive Attachment Disorder

Very helpful information

Good course

Great video...

There was a lot of helpful information about RAD, but the quiz did not seem to match the course.

great class

I enjoyed it. Very Informative

This training provided so much information

Great training learned alot...

Great class.

Good overview, but few specifics about what to do (other than seek therapy). Also, the quiz seems to be on an entirely unrelated course.

Very good presentation.

Very good information

Yes, This course was certainly a great match for me. I gained lots of information on what to expect while serving a child with RAD.

had two non-verbal kids in my care they shows some of these signs.

very information about children with RAD



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