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What Every Foster Parent should Know About Pornagraphy


What Every Foster Parent Should Know About Pornography” is a webinar that should be required for all parents because pornography has the potential to cause a long-term negative effect on how children and teens create relationships.  In this day and age, children don’t necessarily have to click on a pornographic link in order to be exposed to pornography.  Due to society normalizing pornography, it makes it a little challenging to warn children/teens on the sexual immorality and the deleterious effects of pornography because it is inundated into their regular day to day activities such as videos, social media and the internet.  According to a study done in 2016, majority of teenagers believe it is worst to “not recycle” than it is to watch pornography. The Internet safety organization “Enough is Enough” shared that children between the ages of 12 and 17 is one of the largest group viewers of online pornography with their first exposure to pornography being 11 years old.  Technology such as television and social media have blurred the lines on what’s acceptable and appropriate and what’s not.  Parents are often asking themselves “when and how do I have this conversation with my child and what’s appropriate or inappropriate dialogue?”  This webinar will provide foster parents with important statistics on pornography, what parents should know about pornography and what they can do to educate themselves and their children on pornography.

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Important topic.

Important topic that impacts everyone.

Good reminders and validation

This was very informative and helpful, thank you.


Critical to help our kids

Very Informative!

Great info, thanks!

Great information

Very informative!


Good info

Excellent course!

great info

Thank you so much for this in your face training. Well done!

Thank you

It was great thank you

great lesson

great info

Very informative as to the stumbling blocks that are set before parents, but how they need to be aware of the signs and dangers.


Great information...

WoW we need to know this...

Good info

Good direct and helpful information



Great as always


Very good

Very good course


Good Information

Informative and knowledgeable


Having preteens boys has been a trial with pornography. Very informative class.

Very informative!


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