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What Every Parent Should Know About Balancing Independence and Supervision with their Teens and Tweens


Parents will learn how to bridge the gap between safety and freedom.  Supervision is critical in protecting a child but mental and physical privacy is also just as important. Learning how to meet your child where he or she is as it relates to balancing independence and supervision will create a high level of trust, independence and at the same time communicate respect. Parenting tween and teens requires a delicate balance between showing them that you trust them by giving appropriate space while at the same time being attuned to their needs. Parent will learn various techniques on how to build a healthy and meaningful relationship with their teen and tweens.

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Very good course

Very real world and informative

Good presentation

New lessen


Good information with real life examples

I appreciate learning more about myself as I learn about taking care of foster adoptive children I am personally an adoptive child and any information that will help me out for myself along with my two biological children it’s just extremely helpful and I greatly enjoyed this training

Good information.


Thank you for providing information about Tweens, as well as Teens

Good reminders. Also, helpful to know that I am not being over the tope and overbearing!

Overall a good course with a lot of information to consider. I know a lot of people were upset with the speaker saying "all accidents are preventable." I disagree that all accidents are preventable, however understand where she is coming from. Since she is a DFACS worker who has most likely witnessed accidents that were preventable, I believe her real aim is to drive the point home that supervision is necessary for accident prevention.

I foster a Teen, so this course was very interesting to me.

very knowledgeable

Very informative


very good! lots to think about!

Great info

very intresting

Good information

Good resources.

It was very informative.

Very in depth

Great information

Very appropriate course, good timing.


It was good


good course


Very informational

Great course

good course

Not much new info.

This course helped me understand structure starts with the parent and onto the child.

It was great thank you

Great Lesson!

Great lesson

Great info and content

Good info

Trust is paramount in the relationship with your children.



very thorough


good content


Explained the topic well

Great course...very informative.



great course

I think one quiz question has wrong answer marked.

Great information.


very informative


Lots of useful info!!

great course

Great info

She said "every accident is preventable", she reiterated this about 30 times during the presentation. I simply disagree. We can't prevent everything, even with supervision.

"All accidents are preventable." False. *Dwight Schrute gif*

Good course

Very good class, and funny at times

Fundamental. My quiz was graded incorrectly.

This course was a great match. Learned a lot

This was so helpful, thank you!

Teens are so difficult still but I learned about navigating through them.

I learned so much!


Great info

Having teens gives every parent alot of questions. Very Informative

This was great insight!


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