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What is Attachment Disorder: How does it affect me and my child


Adoptive parents will learn about “Attachment Disorder/Reactive Attachment Disorder”. Participants will learn the causes and how to deal with children with attachment/reactive attachment disorder. Adoptive parents will also be able to identify signs of attachment-reactive disorder in children and adults, and learn when and where to seek help.

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it was difficult.

I didn't like the fill-in-the-blank questions

Helpful information worth reviewing. The Blair Witch shaky cam video section was disturbing and made my head hurt. The video director should strive to present useful information in as clear and concise manner possible instead of stooping to cheap special effects manipulation. It distracted from the actual parents letters being read. Their voices deserved to be heard and honored.

Beneficial information presented concisely

Very informative


Fast paced with good information

Basic overview with some good reminders that most foster parents should already know.

I learned some new things

good job

Lots of helpful information

Great course if you suspect your child has attachment disorder.


good information

Very informative

great information

Yes very helpful

The course was very informative. There were a lot of things I didn't know about Attachment Disorder/ Reactive Attachment Disorder.


It was a adventure

Good info

Great information

Helpful information

Great info

Great information on RADD



It was a great match as we have adopted a daughter with RADD. This gave us even further insight as to why she reacts and behaves in ways not similar to peers in different situations.

Good info

Good information

Thank you very much

It was informative

very informative

Great information

Helpful info.. Thank you!

Great course! Thanks so much!

This is an absolute must take for foster and adoptive parents.


Great class

it was certainly informative about Attachment disorder.

useful information and interesting presentation

Good information.

Thank you



Helpful, but pretty common sense on a lot. The quiz at the end is pretty specific at a few points. Heads up



Good introduction into the subject.

good learning

good course

This course includes great info

Good refresher for someone like myself who has already learned baseline information about attachment theory.

Great info

Little hard to understand but overall good

Great information

Great Information

Very well stated.

Good information

Great lesson!

Very good overview of the challenges arising from attachment problems at a young age

Lots of information and we went through the last part of it very quickly.

it helped

Excellent course. Learning alot about attachments and bonding.

This one had a lot of info that was helpful

Great info.

Great and informative

It's a great course where I learned about Attachment disorder and and Reaction attachment. Children forms attachment with their parents early in life, it is a learned behavior.

Very Informative

Very informative I enjoyed the quiz

Insightful and interesting - highly recommend


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