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Who is the Daddy? Understanding Adoption Laws


Before you move forward successfully in an adoption, it is very important to know whether the father of the child that you are adopting is a biological or legal father.  A biological father and a legal father have different rights and legal requirements for an adoption.  During this webinar you will learn: How a biological father is notified of an adoption;
The required response of a biological father to contest an adoption;
How to perfect service on a legal father; and What a legal father has to do if he opposes an adoption.
It is so important that you determine whether the father of the child you seek to adopt is a biological or legal father before the adoption is filed.  Join this webinar to learn more about the adoption process.

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Great Class

Helped to clarify terms heard during hearings with our foster child

Interesting to know about the two different fathers and their rights

good class!


I learned a lot about the rights of a legal father vs the biological father.

This webinar gave us valuable information to use in the future.


Very informative

Wonderful information on adoption

Great class, really enjoyed it.

Great class, learned alot...

Great info


great information to know

informative. Thank you!

very informative info

very informative info

mmmmmmm good

We learned a lot of information & it helped clarify some legal questions.


Very helpful information!

Good information

Great information.

very informative

good information


It was interesting, but the differences between bio and legal were sometimes hard to understand.


Good info

Good info

A lot of good information.

was very informative we enjoyed it and learned from the video



The course was easy to follow and information was informative.

This course was great. It was very informative


I learned so much

This was very helpful!

The information was good

Great course

great information to know. I have been through similar things like what this course talks about with all 3 of my adoptions

Great Information. Should be taught in sex education class

Very informative


Great information

very imformatiove, thank you

What I needed to hear!

This was very informative and very straight forward from an expert adoption attorney. Definitely recommend!

Really enjoyed this webinar it very informative and answered so many of my questions, thanks!

Great information!


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