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Virtual Regional Training: DISCover Your Personality Style

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Learn about personality style and communication tips that encourage kids to tap into strengths, create a growth mindset and a positive environment. Discover your own style and how to parent children of different temperaments. Presented by: LYNNE WATTS, ED. S Please complete the Pre Test Prior to beginning the training,

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Webinar: Understanding Baby Safety

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This webinar will discuss: Shaken baby Syndrome What causes Blue Baby? What is Gray Baby syndrome? A guide to safe sleep for babies Join us! Presented by: Dr. Kiki M. Singletary-Williams

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Webinar: Diet, Nutrition and Trauma

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Mental health can affect us not only emotionally but also physiologically. More research has started to show how nutrition can play a role in the healing of the body and mind after experiencing trauma. In this webinar, we will discuss how trauma affects our nutrient levels and food choices as well as how it disrupts […]

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Cafe Chats: A Virtual Parent to Parent Support Group: December 2023

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Join GACRS for a monthly virtual adoption support group- Café Chats. This event is for adoptive families who share one thing, the journey of adoption.  And while adoption is rewarding it also has challenges.  GACRS wants to provide a virtual platform for you to exchange information and learn from one another. It’s also your opportunity to share your experiences, what’s in your […]

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REAL TALK: Fight, Flight, Freeze Response

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Ever wonder how your body reacts to stress, fear and threats of danger? Come and learn about your body's hard-wired, biological based stress response system and the three basic protective responses of fight/flight/freeze. Presented by: Chena Blanchard

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Virtual Regional Training: Caregivers Need Care

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Caregivers are often faced with challenging behaviors and stressful situations. Learn tips and needed information on how to acquire balance in your everyday life. Learn why your social, physical, emotional and mental health matters. Self-care is very important in sustaining a balanced life. Living a health balanced life will allow you to continue to take […]

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Webinar: PACT Presents: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program Parent Workshop

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A Free, Virtual and Interactive Series Covering: Youth Online Safety Managing Difficult Conversations Utilizing the Community Resources Upon Completing the series Participants receive a $25 Gift Card! Certificates and Gift Card will be emailed to participants by EPCAT after training.   Presented by : Judith Gomez, EPCAT

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Mom Webinar: New Year- New You?

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Ways to be real with goals and not fail at resolutions while taking care of yourself! Presented by: Laura Cochling, M.E.d, LPC

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REAL TALK on Attachment Styles

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Join us in a discussion about Better understanding how your child interacts and behaves in relationships based upon his/her early formed attachment styles. Presented by: Chena Blanchard, Come ready to share your experiences. *All Participants should RSVP separately using their own accounts. There is no pre-test for this training.

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