Georgia Center For Resources & Support

Resources to assist adoptive and foster families are available all over the state of Georgia, and it is our job at The Georgia Center for Resources and Support to help Georgia's adoptive and foster families find the resources they need.

There are two sections of Resource Information. Click here for a summary of state-wide resources administered by the DFCS/State Adoption Unit. Click Here for a list of regional Community Resources. The Community Resources are listed by type of service (for example "Counselors") and by region. Your Regional Resource Advisor in your region can also help you locate resources that will be useful to your adopted or foster child and your family.

Please carefully choose the resources that will meet the needs of your child and family. The Georgia Center for Resources and Support recommends, but does not guarantee, the services of any provider, and takes no legal responsibility for their services. The Center makes every effort to keep all resources current. Please let us know if a resource provides poor service.

Click here to add/update resources.