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Virtual Regional Training: Grief and Loss

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  • Last Update October 7, 2021


Grief is a deep sadness following a death or a loss. How can you as parents best support a child through this difficult and challenging time? This session will cover how children grieve differently than adults and the basic tasks of mourning.

Presented by Lynne Watts, Ed.S

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01h 30m


Virtual Regional Training: Grief and Loss

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thank you

Love the information

The course was very informative.I enjoyed it. It was very easy to understand. I now know how to deal with loss for my grand children as well as my adult children. Thank you so much!

Very informative!

Good course but a little hard to get my certificate


Yes it was great

Great workshop. Simple, easy to understand.

Yes it was great

Awesome course and it helped me to understand somethings more


We have a small young boy that just lost his mother and this has been very helpful like I stated we had him a blanket made with his mom's picture on it we will be getting her birthday balloons and letting him let him off so he can wish her a happy birthday this course has been very helpful for me so I can help him

This was a nice session it gave more insight on grief and children.

Thank you!

It was very helpful!!

Very informative

It has helped a lot. I have adopted my niece and nephew. I am fostering their sister. This summer we our grandmother passed away and I've been trying to find ways to explain to them why she is no longer at her home when we go there.


Was great

Very Good


Very educational

Very informative and loved the list of resources

It was a good course


this was a good course

Yes, very understanding

Great information

Great content. Extremely informative.

Awesome info I just lost my son



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