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Webinar: Autism Socialization

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Children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, or neuroatypicality often struggle with developmental tasks. Some common challenges include socialization, communication, emotional IQ, and self-calming. Discover supportive techniques to help children become socially competent. Explore Developmentally Appropriate Parenting strategies to teach children the skills and insights that support effective socialization.

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Webinar: Autism Socialization
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Good training

The class was very informative

The information in this course was real for me because the child we just adopted was almost considered autistic because he did not eat meat and would not try new foods.

This a very important course because in some communities little is know concerning this topic

Excellent training

The instructor was knowledgeable and very good in her deliverance.

Great information to learn

great information!

The instructor was very informative and the material was very helpful.

Great course

I really enjoyed this course.

It was something good to learn

Great course

It was excellent.

Very helpful as I'm dealing with a delayed child.

As well as helping at home, the information from this course will help in my position as an SLP.

Very informative. Basic information and tips to help you parent a child with autism.

This course helped me a lot. My adopted child is not autistic but her diagnosis is so similar that it often gets misdiagnosed as autism. The lesson helped me with ideas.

This webinar was very informative about autism. I learned several things I didn't know that has an effect on children with autism.

Yes definitely understanding a child mind with Autism.



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