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Webinar: How and Why to Communicate with Parties and the Court

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It feels like I am forever being asked why a person or family with an interest in a child, like a foster parent, doesn’t know about a court date; or isn’t asked about how the child is doing in their home; or isn’t informed about changes in the child’s life, including even a change in placement. Join to learn how to advocate for yourself and the child and get a road map and tips on How and Why to Communicate with Parties and the Court.

Presented by: Ashley Willcott

J.D., Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist

Top Legal Analyst, Consultant, Juvenile Court Judge &Trial Attorney
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  • Webinar; How and Why to Communicate with Parties and the Court
  • After Training Question

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1 year ago
Loved this.
This was great information and will be very helpful.
1 year ago
Course was good. Trying to get signed in and then finish and get certificate is a little more tricky.
1 year ago
I learn to document things like abuse are scares on child and let the case worker know off my conscern
Very informitive and help me to know that i can advocate for a foster child in my home if i see the need to.
Excellent information that provided a much-needed road map for facilitating better communication.
Very informative
some of this I didn't know. this was a great course
Great class... good information
The curse had good information.
Patricia Nau
1 year ago
Yes; I appreciate the information. Thank you!
I thought it was helpful.
1 year ago
This was a great match for me. I have a child in my home but have not yet attended a court meeting. I feel much more prepared for when the time comes.
1 year ago
Wonderful source of information for ALL foster parents.
1 year ago
good information
1 year ago
Great information
I expected the course to describe the roles of the various parties and when to communicate with each party.
1 year ago
Such a great and informative class
1 year ago
Very valuable information

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