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Webinar: The Impact of Abuse on Child Development

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Trauma in early developmental stages has an impact on a child’s brain and cognitive development, even increasing the risk for continued trauma down the road. We’ll discuss the impact trauma can have on brain/cognitive development, social and emotional development as well as academic achievements and identify ways as a foster parent you can support these youth through education and continued skills training. Although it will take time, research has shown that caregivers who are attentive to the needs of the child, model positive relationships, and are open to collaborating with other trauma-focused resources, can help these children/youth overcome adversity and promote healthier and improved outcomes for children and their families.

Presented by:  Jenie Christopher, MS, LPC

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  • Webianr: The Impact of Abuse on Child Development
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1 year ago
helpful information on the impacts Tramas have on children

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