REAL TALK on When Kids Tune Out and Shut Down

Join us in discussion about the times our kids “go offline”: why it happens, what it communicates, and how we can support them in coming back.

We are here to offer suggestions and support.

Presented by:

L. Kathryn Smith, LCSW, RPT
Certified EMDR Therapist
Arbor Cove Therapy, LLC

Come ready to share your experiences.

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Cafe Chat: A Parent to Parent Support Group-December

Join GACRS for a monthly virtual adoption support group- Café Chats. This event is for adoptive families who share one thing, the journey of adoption.  And while adoption is rewarding it also has challenges.  GACRS wants to provide a virtual platform for you to exchange information and learn from one another. It’s also your opportunity to share your experiences, what’s in your heart, the challenges, and the success of parenting an adopted child or children.  Please see the event calendar for specific dates of each Café Chat- An Adoption Support Event.

Virtual Regional Training: Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®)

TBRI® is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to equip caregivers to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. Gain a better understanding of the basics of trauma’s impact on the developing brain and learn practical, effective strategies for caring for children from hard places.

Presented by:

Kelsey Harrison, MS, LAPC, NCC,

TBRI ® Practitioner

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Webinar: Mission Possible

Craft the five statements that will guide and inspire your family to work and play together cooperatively. Identify the key virtues or characteristics and actions that will create focus and success in the upcoming year.

Presented by:

Lynne Watts, Ed.S

Dream Achiever Coaching and Wyatt the Wonder Dog

8th Annual November Adoption Event


The Georgia Center for Resources and Support (GACRS) is hosting its 8th annual adoption month celebration. Your family is invited to join in on our VIRTUAL celebration. There will be games and prizes with opportunities for families, children and adults, to participate in the activities. Please take a moment to REGISTER. This year we would like as many families as possible to enjoy this day of celebration.

Save the Date, Register and Attend the Georgia Centers day of celebration for adoptive families.

Virtual Regional Training: Helping Your Child Cope with Separation Anxiety

This virtual training is designed to provide participants information on recognizing the symptoms of separation anxiety. Participants will also be given information on how to help their children cope.

Presented by:

Natasha Hope-Moriarty, LMSW

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Webinar: New Adoption Laws Explained

November is National Adoption Month
The Adoption laws have recently changed.  It’s important that you understand the recent changes will impact your adoption in Georgia.  This Webinar will update you on the new adoption laws, and the Foster Care Adoption Process to include:
*Updates on the Revocation Laws in Georgia
*The Lower Age Requirement for Petitioners to Adopt
*What happens after the Termination of Parental Rights
* The legal process for a Foster Care Adoption
*How to obtain a new birth certificate and social security number following an adoption.
Presented by:
Christina E. CampbellThe Campbell Law Practice, LLC

Virtual Regional Training: Cost of Care

Finance is almost as taboo to discuss in open forums as mental health, ALMOST.  Here we come in that awkward space in between to discuss the relationship between behavioral health and finances and how to develop a better relationship with one if not both of them.  During the session, we will discuss the Cost to Care, what is the financial, emotional, and physical impact of caring for a loved one with a diagnosis.  This leads us to discuss the Cost of Doing Good, and how caregivers and providers are impacted financially and emotionally by the work they do.  Each of these aspects is affected  by each person’s own Personal Relationship with Money.  That in turn affects how one manages Mental Health and Money.

Please Join Us!!

Presented by: Shanta Hayes, LCSW

Virtual Regional Training: Mental Health Tool Box

This workshop will explore the topic of mental health in adolescents.  Training will discuss tools for parents on how to help children with mental health issues.  Training will help parents have a better understanding of the effects of mental health illness and triggers.

Presented by:

Jessica Dowdell, LPC