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Honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by advancing your personal and organizational equity journeyscompensation-150.jpg?r=1496176222414
Yesterday was a time to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight for freedom, equity, and dignity of all races and peoples. We must continue to educate ourselves on Dr. King’s legacy and participate in positive social action to fulfill his vision of a just and free society.
“Although we have come a long way in making King’s dream a reality, we still have much work to do to create a truly equitable and inclusive society for all. Social Current is committed to work that will realize our shared dream—an equitable society where all people can thrive,” said Jody Levison-Johnson, president and CEO of Social Current.
EDI Opportunities from Social Current
We’re challenged as leaders to renew the spirit and intentionally lean into our equity journeys in ways that honor the legacy of Dr. King. Social Current offers a continuum of opportunities to support organizations.
If you are seeking to understand your personal relationships with EDI and your organizations’ maturity, the historical context of racism, and how to build organizational EDI action plans, join our Advancing EDI for a More Perfect Union workshop sessions in March, June, September, and November of 2022. If your organization is seeking a more intensive experience and values connecting with other leaders and organizations around EDI, join our 15-month EDI Learning Collaborative.
Resources for National Poverty in America Awareness Month
Dr. King placed such importance on economic justice in his advocacy efforts during his life. As we also recognize January as National Poverty in America Awareness Month, it is important to shine a light on the economic upheaval and stress faced by families and communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Social Current has gathered resources, research, studies, and examples from our network on reducing economic inequality and racism.

Join upcoming webinars on workforce resilience
compensation-150.jpg?r=1496176222414Our workforce has struggled greatly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is we are learning how to respond to these alarming trends.
In this blog post by Karen Johnson, director of Change in Mind Institute at Social Current, she outlines ideas on building a resilient workforce through brain science. She writes:
“Living and working during a global pandemic has taught us to move from pre-pandemic, top-down employee recognition and self-care initiatives to partnerships with staff that promote brain-based interventions, psychological safety, positive workforce culture, and increased connections.”
Strengthen your organization’s workforce resilience by attending these two upcoming learning opportunities:
Maximize Your Engagement with Social Current in 2022
Join informational webinars this January and February
Social Current offers many ways for those in the social sector to contribute to and leverage the power of our network.
Register for these two webinars to learn more:
  • Social Current Engagement Packages
    Join us Jan. 21 to get a sneak peek of the Social Current Hub, a dynamic online portal designed to help you get the support you need and take advantage of all that we offer, and preview upcoming services, tools, and engagement opportunities. This session is for all staff at organizations that have purchased engagement packages.
  • Social Current SPARK Exchanges (Formerly APEX Groups)
    Join us Feb. 8 to learn more about our SPARK Exchanges, a key benefit of Social Current’s engagement package. Hear from individuals who have been active in these groups and how it’s increased their connection to colleagues and resources.


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