State of Georgia Post-Secondary Tuition Waiver for Adoptive and Foster Youth

State of Georgia Post-Secondary Tuition Waiver

For Adopted and Foster Youth


The State of Georgia Post-Secondary Tuition Waiver exempts or waives payment of tuition and fees (and where applicable, on-campus housing) for students attending a technical college within the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Eligible students must be a youth or young adult under the age of 28 who is currently in foster care, has experienced foster care, or who was placed for adoption by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.


In order to qualify for the Tuition and Fee Waiver, an applicant must:

·         Be a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien who meets the definition of an eligible noncitizen under federal Title IV requirements.

·         Be under the age of 28. 

·         Be foster care or adoption eligible.

·         Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) PRIOR to completing the State of Georgia Post-Secondary Education Tuition Waiver application.

·         Be currently enrolled full-time or part-time in a public postsecondary educational institution, OR be accepted for admission to a public postsecondary educational institution within 3 years of receiving a high school or GED diploma.

·         Remain in good standing and meet the standard for satisfactory academic progress as defined by the public postsecondary educational institution (a grade point average (GPA) that satisfies the college/university’s policy regarding eligibility for financial aid).


For more information about the tuition waiver program and to apply click the link below.




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