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Webinar: Fatherhood Roles

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This workshop will cover the following: * The Definition of what a father is * The various ways or roles fathers play in their children. in children's lives * Why the role of fathers/father figures is important and needed for children Presented by:  Gradie A. Johnson NAMI mental health professional and presenter

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Webinar: Amerigroup presents Behavioral Health Levels of Care

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Behavioral Health Levels of Care Training Objectives: Review of the types of Mental Health services available to GA Medicaid members Review of admission criteria to these services Review of Psychiatric Residential (PRTF) and when it is appropriate Overview of Amerigroup services and supports available to members with behavioral health conditions. Presented by: Molly Abrokwah, LMFT, CCM

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Virtual Regional Training: Intrusive Thoughts

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Intrusive thoughts are unexpected images or thoughts that seem to pop into your head. They’re often strange or distressing. This training will discuss treatment options and coping strategies. Presented by:

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Virtual Regional Training: Life Skills & Preparation: How To Help Your Child Get Started

Region 14 GA, United States
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Are you ready to assist your child in gaining an early advantage and establishing the foundation for the life they envision? Excited about the upcoming chapters in life but uncertain about how to guide your child toward their goals? Look no further – you've found the right resource! By embracing a proactive stance rather than […]

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Webinar: Emotional Poverty

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What is emotional poverty and how does it impact children and parents? Why do children explode and are out of control? Learn about emotional poverty and how the unregulated brain, insecure attachment, and external factors reinforce a person's negative feelings. When a child has suffered from emotional poverty, there are ways to motivate positive behavior. This workshop […]

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Webinar: Mom’s Guide to Time Management

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Is there enough time in day? This webinar will discuss ways to be the best "you" when you have to be everywhere at once and be everything to everyone. Presented by: Laura Cochling, ME.d., LPC

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GET REAL: Time Management: Is there enough time in my day?

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This webinar, youth will learn how to better manage their responsibilities and life schedules. Youth will go through scenarios and discuss ways to overcome challenges associated with time management. Presented by: Janae Roberts, MPH, CHES

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REAL TALK on Building a Support System

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Join us in a discussion about Building your support system. Presented by: Chena Blanchard, Come ready to share your experiences. *All Participants should RSVP separately using their own accounts. There is no pre-test for this training.

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Cafe Chats: A Virtual Parent to Parent Support Group: March 2024

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Join GACRS for a monthly virtual adoption support group- Café Chats. This event is for adoptive families who share one thing, the journey of adoption.  And while adoption is rewarding it also has challenges.  GACRS wants to provide a virtual platform for you to exchange information and learn from one another. It’s also your opportunity to share your experiences, what’s in your […]

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Webinar: Suicide Prevention in African American Communities

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Suicide is a taboo subject that is often overlooked in minority communities. Although some communities in the past have had fewer incidences of suicide, research has shown that there has been an increase in suicide among the African American population. According to the National Library of Medicine, 1 African American die by suicide every 4.5 […]

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Webinar: Youth Body Image and Mental Health

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Living in a culture obsessed with appearance, it's no wonder that our efforts to help our youth feel good about themselves are constantly undone. With body dissatisfaction at the root of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and self-harm. Having the right information and resources is more important than ever. This presentation will […]

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